"We are a group of Christians dedicated to leading youth and their families to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by experiencing hunting, fishing and outdoor activities in the beauty and bounty of God’s creation." 

Christian Outdoor Ministry Video

  • 1st Leg

    A Firm Foundation (The Word of God and the Lord Jesus Christ)


    Providing Christian training and mentoring in the context of outdoor management and conservation activities in the outdoors in order to develop and make disciple-making leaders for the future for God’s glory.

    To the youth and their families who participate in a COM outdoor activity, we want to provide a Christian witness and make disciple-making leaders of the future.  To accomplish this objective the Gospel of Jesus Christ is unashamedly shared through Bible lessons, devotionals, and prayers giving all glory to God as we follow the Lord's command to "make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit".  Matthews 28:19

  • 2nd Leg

    Youth, Parents, and Families


    Our desire, aim, and goal is to create a Christian environment where youth, their parents, family and friends have a positive outdoor experience through outdoor activities in God's outdoor creation. 

    Our mission is to be a Christian witness and to introduce the gospel of Jesus Christ to youth and their families through mentored education outdoor ctivities, educate and provide opportunities to experience wildlife management/conservation in action, and to strengthen and bond the relationships with youth and their families as they experience God’s amazing creation. We desire to assist youth and their families to become disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ though the platform of outdoor experiences.

  • 3rd Leg

    Volunteers (Mentors, Guides, Cooks, & Helpers)


    Volunteering as mentors, guides, coaches, cooks, and helpers, COM volunteers are responsible and experienced Christian outdoors men and women who volunteer their time and talents to mentor and impact youth and their families 

     Experienced COM Volunteers help provide positive outdoor experiences as participants hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ through daily devotionals, Bible lessons, and prayer; learn and practice  wildlife management/conservation game laws while hunting and fishing enabling the parent and child to strengthen their relationship and bond without the typical distractions that our youth face today.  COM requires volunteers to pass background checks in order to serve with youth and their families during the outdoor activities. 

  • 4th Leg

    Ranchers, Ranches, & Outfitters


    We must have places and locations for our events. 

    COM teams up with landowners and ranchers to assist with their wildlife management plans teaching youth and their families the game laws that are written to protect the future populations of our game species while using hunting and fishing activities as the platform.  Providing wildlife management/conservation and hunter safety knowledge to youth are important objectives of Christian Outdoor Ministry.  We strongly believe that we must pass this knowledge on to our youth so that they become good stewards of the land.  Personally  practicing management and conservation activities enforces this knowledge and provides a positive outdoor experience for youth and their families.

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