How land owners can help

We want to pass on the hunting heritage we have come to cherish from the days of our youth in the field with grand-dad, dad, others of their generation and our buddies; plus, the assorted hunting dogs we grew up with.  That heritage is in danger of extinction if we don’t set our minds to ensuring the current generation of parents have the opportunity share with their children, the wonders of God’s creation, reinforcing our role as stewards of the planet.  We must have affordable ranch and land locations for our events so that youth and their families can enjoy positive outdoor experiences. However, with the growing value of land resources and the cost of hunting leases, availability and affordability is out of reach for the average father and mother who would like to introduce their children to the outdoors. That is why landowners, such as you, are valuable assets, as together, we provide our youth with hunting and fishing opportunities otherwise unavailable to them.   


Christian Outdoor Ministry is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  

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